Amazon AmazonBasics Quiz Answers – Win Rs.20,000

Details of Contest :-

  • The contest will start on 23rd July 2020 to 10th August 2020 11.59.59 P.M
  • Answer all questions correctly in order to enter into the lucky draw.
  • The result will be announced on 30th August 2020 .
  • 10 winners selected from Amazon AmazonBasics Quiz. Prize is Rs. 20,000.
  • Chance of winning depends on the number of correct entries on the lucky draw.
  • Answer 5 questions slow and steady. Don’t google while participating because amazon will track you and your entry will be rejected.

Amazon AmazonBasics Quiz Answers

Question 1 : The AmazonBasics mixer grinder can be used for which of these?

  • Dry grinding
  • Wet grinding
  • Making chutneys
  • All of these
Ans :- All of these

Question 2 : The AmazonBasics Elite 750 Watt mixer grinder comes with which of these features?

  • Stainless steel SS-202 Jars
  • Stainless steel grade SS-304 blades
  • A juicer jar
  • All of these
Ans :- All of these

Question 3 : The _ motor used in the Amazon Basics Elite 750 Watt mixer grinder ensures long life and better performance. Fill in the blanks.

  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Nickel
Ans :- Copper

Question 4 : Which of these is true about the versatile jars and blades of the AmazonBasics Elite 750 Watt mixer grinder?

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Staining resistant
  • Super fine mixing result at high temperature
  • All of these
Ans :- All of these

Question 5 : Which of these on the Amazon Basics mixer grinder is made of Food Grade Silicon rubber, which have a longer life?

  • Gaskets on jar lids
  • Blades
  • Juicer jar
  • Speed selector knob
Ans :- Gaskets on jar lids