Amazon Eureka Forbes Quiz Answers – Win Rs. 10000

Details of Contest

  • The contest will start on 4th July 2020 to 26th July 2020 11.59.59 P.M
  • Answer all questions correctly in order to enter into the lucky draw.
  • The result will be announced on 05 August 2020 .
  • 10 winners selected from Amazon Eureka Forbes Quiz. Prize is Rs. 10000.
  • Chance of winning depends on the number of correct entries on the lucky draw.
  • Answer 5 questions slow and steady. Don’t google while participating because amazon will track you and your entry will be rejected.

Amazon Eureka Forbes Quiz Answers

Question 1 : What is the name of the newly launched online exclusive water purifier?

  • AquaSure Delight
  • AquaSure Smart Plus
  • Aquaguard Marvel
  • Aquapure Smart
Ans :- Aquaguard Marvel

Question 2 : What are the different water sources does this purifier support in providing healthy water? (Hint: sources are given in the video)

  • Tanker Water
  • Borewell Water
  • Municipal Water
  • All of the above
Ans :- All of the above

Question 3 : As per the video, what are the benefits of drinking copper enriched water?

  • Supports Healthy Metabolism
  • Helps provide body with energy
  • Needed for growth and development
  • All of the above
Ans :- All of the above

Question 4 : In the video, how many stages of water purification does Aquaguard Marvel has?

  • 6
  • 7
  • 5
  • 3
Ans :- 7

Question 5 : Choose the feature that makes Aquaguard Marvel different from the rest of the Eureka Forbes water purifier range? (Hint: watch the video for the answer)

  • RO
  • UF
  • Active Copper
  • Taste Adjuster
Ans :- Active Copper