Amazon Intel Quiz Answers – Win ₹25000 🤑 As Amazon Pay Balance

Details of Contest

  • The contest will start on 26th June 2019 to 14st July 11.59.59 P.M
  • Answer all questions correctly in order to enter into the lucky draw.
  • The result will be announced on 30th July 2019.
  • 8 winners selected from amazon Intel Quiz lucky draw. Prize is ₹25000.
  • Chance of winning depends on the number of correct entries on the lucky draw.
  • Answer questions slow and steady. Don’t google while participating because amazon will track you and your entry will be rejected.

Amazon Intel Quiz Answers

Question 1 : Before it was coined as Intel, the company was known as __ when it was founded in 1968. Fill in the blanks.

  • Intelligent Electronics
  • Intelco
  • NM Electronics
  • Integrated Electrons
Ans :- NM Electronics 

Question 2 : Who among these is the inventor of the USB? Hint – He led the team at Intel that created the protocol.

  • Robert Noyce
  • Gordon Moore
  • Ajay Bhatt
  • Andrew Gove
Ans :- Ajay Bhatt 

Question 3 : Which of these phrases is associated with the brand Intel?

  • Experience the power within
  • Experience what’s inside
  • Experience what’s outside
  • Don’t Settle
Ans :- Experience what’s inside 

Question 4 : The first ever commercially available microprocessor by Intel was used in which device?

  • Laptop
  • Computer
  • TV
  • Calculator
Ans :- Calculator 

Question 5 : Which of these is the latest in the Intel processor family?

  • Core i7
  • Core i8
  • Core i9
  • Core i10
Ans :- Core i9