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Amazon Quiz Answers Today 17 June 2019 – Win ₹5000 – Answers

Question 1 : The Queen of England celebrates 2 birthdays – on her actual date of birth in April, and an official birthday in June. How old did she turn this year?

Ans :- 93

Question 2 : Which Indian football player has made the highest number of international appearances (108 matches to be exact) to become the highest capped

Ans :- Sunil Chettri

Question 3 : Elena Cornaro Piscopia was one of the first women to receive an academic degree from a university in 1678 and was featured on a Google Doodle recently! What did she receive her doctorate in?

Ans :- Philosophy

Question 4 : Kangaroo is a type of mammal that carries its young in a small external pouch on its body. What is this type of mammal called?

Ans :- Marsupial

Question 5 : Which world famous brand derived its name from the Greek goddess of victory?

Ans :- Nike

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 16 June 2019 – Win Apple watch – Answers

Question 1 : Who developed the theory of evolution in the famous book ‘On the Origin of Species’?

Ans : - Charles Darwin

Question 2 : Long before Google, there have been other search engines on the internet. But which one was the first?

Ans :- Archie

Question 3 : Vicky Kaushal released the first look of a new film (his first horror movie) called ‘Bhoot: Part One – The Haunted Ship’. Who plays the female lead in the film?

Ans :- Bhumi Pednekar

Question 4 : The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup started its eighth edition on 7th June. Which country is hosting the tournament this year?

Ans :- France

Question 5 : The last film that Satyajit Ray directed before he passed, was based on one of his own short stories, Atithi. What was the film called?

Ans :- Agantuk

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 15 June 2019 – Win Blaupunkt party speakers – Answers

Question 1 : Abraham Lincoln was an accomplished wrestler as a young man and was also honored by the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Ans :- True

Question 2 : World Oceans Day is celebrated to create awareness and encourage conservation of the open seas. On which day is it celebrated annually?

Ans :- 8th June

Question 3 : The Prime Minister of which country has announced that their nation will completely ban single-use plastics by 2021?

Ans :- canada

Question 4 : Which day is Father’s Day being celebrated in India this year?

Ans :- 16th june

Question 5 : Which cricketer recently broke Sachin Tendulkar’s record as the fastest batsman to reach 2000 ODI runs against Australia? He completed it in just 37 innings.

Ans :- Rohit Sharma

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 14 June 2019 – Win Fossil Explorist smartwatch – Answers

Question 1 : The term ‘talkies’ comes from ‘talking pictures’ referring to movies with sound. Released in 1931, which of these was the first Indian ‘talkie’?

Ans :- Alam Ara

Question 2 : Who was the first Indian tennis player to ever win a Grand Slam tournament?

Ans :- Mahesh Bhupati

Question 3 : During the British Raj, a now widely-recognized monument was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and the Queen Mary to Bombay. Which monument is it?

Ans :- Gateway of India

Question 4 : Who was the first Indian movie star to be featured on the cover of the internationally recognized Time Magazine?

Ans :- Parveen Babi

Question 5 : For the first time, a metro in India will receive its power from a waste-to-energy plant. Which metro is adopting this change?

Ans :- Delhi metro

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 13 June 2019 – Win ₹10000 – Answers

Question 1 : After the Green Revolution, ‘Operation Flood’ was launched in the year 1970. Which product was the focus of this movement?

Ans :- Milk

Question 2 : What is the national sport of India?

Ans :- India doesn't have one

Question 3 : The Odisha government recently launched a scheme to provide free sanitary napkins to school girls across the state. What is this scheme called?

 Ans :- Khushi

Question 4 : Who recently created history by becoming the first-ever spinner to bowl the opening over in a World Cup match?

Ans :- Imran Tahir

Question 5 : Which of these branches of science is concerned with the study of reptiles and amphibians?

Ans :- Herpetology

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 12 June 2019 – Win Honor View20 – Answers

Question 1 : Out of all the natural lakes in the world, more than 50% are situated in __. Fill in the blanks.

Ans :- Canada

Question 2 : A new species of a pit viper was discovered in India and named after the place it was found in. It is now the only Indian state to have a pit viper named after it. Which state is it?

Ans :- Arunachal Pradesh

Question 3 : Orchha, an Indian town that was recently added to UNESCO World Heritage Site tentative list is located in which of these states?

Ans :- Madhya Pradesh

Question 4 : An Amazon Prime Original series about 4 female friends, starring Sayani Gupta and Bani J has announced it’s second season. What is the show called?

Ans :- Four More Shots Please!

Question 5 : Which Indian state recently won the 2019 WHO award for tobacco control?

Ans :- Rajasthan

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 11 June 2019 – Win Fitbit Versa Smartwatch – Answers

Question 1 : What is the name of the fictional Arabian city where the story of Aladdin is based?

Ans :- Agrabah

Question 2 : Videos of the world’s first (and most rare) albino giant panda were captured recently. Where was this albino panda seen?

Ans :- China

Question 3 : The retired judge of Indian Supreme Court Justice Madan B Lokur has been appointed to the Supreme Court of Fiji.

Ans :- True

Question 4 : Who is the youngest Member of Loksabha in the history of Indian Parliament?

Ans :- Chandrani Murmu

Question 5 : Murray Gell-Mann was the Nobel Prize Laureate in 1969 who passed away recently. For which field did he win the Nobel Prize?

Ans :- Physics

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 10 June 2019 – Win ₹1000 – Answers

Question 1 : India’s only orangutan recently passed away at Odisha’s Nandankanan Zoological Park. What was her name?

Ans :- Binny

Question 2 : The Union Environment Ministry of India has released a song titled ‘Hawa Aane De’ to spread awareness about air pollution. The music video features Akshay Kumar and Vicky Kaushal among others. Who has written the lyrics for the song?

Ans :- Swanand Kirkire

Question 3 : Which former President of India was conferred Mexico’s highest civilian honor for foreigners titled ‘Orden Mexicana del Aguila Azteca’ (order of the Aztec Eagle)?

Ans :- Pratibha Patil

Question 4 : Which was the first Indian movie to be nominated for the Oscar Awards?

Ans :- Mother India

Question 5 : What is the name of Hrithik Roshan’s upcoming film where he plays a teacher and mathematician named Anand Kumar?

Ans :- Super 30

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 9 June 2019 – Win Vivo V15 Pro – Answers

Question 1 : The world’s highest polling station can be found in Himachal Pradesh and it has 49 registered voters. Where is it located?

Ans :- Tashigang

Question 2 : Which animal made a comeback on the Versova beach in Mumbai, after almost 15 years, when the beach was cleaned up by the efforts of the residents?

Ans :- Olive Ridley Turtles

Question 3 : In technology terms, the prefix ‘Giga’ is used to denote a factor of one million.

Ans :- False

Question 4 : The Indian Navy has teamed up with the government to launch the first ever underwater museum in India. Where will this museum be launched?

Ans :- Pondicherry

Question 5 : _____ will be the first Indian state to ban food delivery without a valid hygiene rating.

Ans :- Punjab

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 8 June 2019 – Win Bose Soundlink Revolve+ – Answers

Question 1 : Name the legendary coach of Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar who was also a recipient of the Padma Shri & Dronacharya award?

Ans :- Ramakant Achrekar

Question 2 : NASA has announced a moon mission for 2024, which will return astronauts to the Moon for the first time in half a century. What is this mission called?

Ans :- Artemis

Question 3 : NASA has found evidence of water ice and organic molecules on Ultima Thule’s surface―the farthest world ever explored by mankind.

Ans :- True

Question 4 : What is the traditional boat race conducted in Kerala during the season of the harvest festival of Onam called?

Ans :- Vallam Kali

Question 5 : Name the 49-year-old veteran Nepali Sherpa who scaled Mount Everest for the 24th time and broke his own world record.

Ans :- Kami Rita

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 7 June 2019 – Win ₹5000 – Answers

Question 1 : Christiaan Barnard was the first surgeon to successfully perform the world’s first human-to-human heart transplant. In which year did this surgery take place?

Ans :- 1967

Question 2 : Who recently became the first female umpire to officiate in a men’s one-day international cricket match?

Ans :- Claire Polosak

Question 3 : Which tennis player recently received a ‘Knighthood’ at the hands of Prince Charles of Wales?

Ans :- Andy Murray

Question 4 : International Dance Day is celebrated each year on 29th April on the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre. Which style of dance is he regarded as the creator of?

Ans :- Ballet

Question 5 : Which of these Indian web series is based on a 2006 novel by Vikram Chandra which goes by the same name?

Ans :- Sacred Game

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 6 June 2019 – Win 24K Gold Bar – Answers

Question 1 : Which of these cities is located on two continents?

Ans :- Istanbul

Question 2 : Which is the first country to officially declare an ‘environmental and climate emergency’?

Ans :- UK

Question 3 : Which long-range, sub-sonic cruise missile was successfully test fired by India on April 15, 2019?

Ans :- Nirbhay

Question 4 : India’s first natural ice cafe has been launched at 14,000 feet, in the shape of an ice stupa. Where is it located?

Ans :- Ladakh

Question 5 : Raveena Tandon won a National Award for Best Actress in 2001, for portraying the role of a woman who has faced domestic violence. Which movie did she win it for?

Ans :- Daman

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 5 June 2019 – Win Samsung Galaxy A50 – Answers

Question 1 : ‘Olympus Mons’ is the largest mountain in our solar system, and is about three times higher than Mt. Everest. On which planet would you find it?

Ans :- Mars

Question 2 : Who is the first ever Indian woman to win a Silver medal at the Olympics?

Ans :- P. V. Sindhu

Question 3 : Birds have no teeth, so they break down their food in the _ before digesting it.

Ans :- Gizzard

Question 4 : Chinmay Prabhu, a 20 year old Indian entered the Guiness Book of World Records in 2018, for solving the highest number of pyraminx (pyramid-shaped Rubik’s cubes) — under water.

Ans :- True

Question 5 : The world’s first ‘zero-waste’ commercial flight operated from Sydney to Adelaide and disposed all waste via compost, reuse or recycling. Which airline was it?

Ans :- Qantas

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 4 June 2019 – Win Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch – Answers

Question 1 : Which European country is home to the famous city of Transylvania?

Ans :- Romania

Question 2 : Which film was Ashutosh Gowarikar’s directorial debut?

Ans :- Pehla Nasha

Question 3 : Teressa Island, named after the Arch-Duchess of Austria, falls under which Union Territory of India?

Ans :- Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Question 4 : Which of these is the only man to have reportedly played both in the ICC Cricket World Cup and FIFA World Cup?

Ans :- Sir Vivian Richards

Question 5 : A group of engineers in Kerala have developed a spider-shaped robot called Bandicoot. What does it do?

Ans :- Cleans manholes

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 3 June 2019 – Win ₹10,000 – Answers

Question 1 : Who is the author of the famous book of fables known as ‘Panchatantra’?

Ans :- Vishnu Sharma

Question 2 : In Roman mythology, who was the goddess of sorcery and witchcraft, also known as the goddess who haunted crossroads and graveyards?

Ans :- Trivia

Question 3 : The International Cricket Council has recently appointed its first female match referee. Hint: She’s from India. Who is she?

Ans :- GS Lakshmi

Question 4 : Angel Falls is the world’s highest waterfall that starts at a height of 3230 feet and fall uninterrupted for a height of 2647 feet. Which country is this majestic waterfall located in?

Ans :- Venezuela

Question 5 : Which country will host the 2023 Asian Cup Football Tournament?

Ans :-  China 

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 2 June 2019 – Win OnePlus 7 Pro – Answers

Question 1 : In Japanese, what is the word for goodbye?

Ans :- Sayonara

Question 2 : What is the actress, Tabu’s, real name

Ans :- Tabassum Fatima Hashmi

Question 3 : The world’s fastest bullet train, ALFA-X, is said to reach speeds of 400 kms/hour. In which country were the tests for this train conducted recently?

Ans :- Japan

Question 4 : Ayushmann Khurana will appear in a new movie where he plays an on-screen police officer for the first time. What is the name of this movie which is directed by Anubhav Sinha?

Ans :- Article 15

Question 5 : Which player was named the MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the season in the IPL 2019?

Ans :- Andre Russel

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 1 June 2019 – Win Mi LED Android TV – Answers

Question 1 : In physics, what is the term for a ‘nuclear reaction in which nuclei combine to form more massive nuclei’?

Ans :- Fusion

Question 2 : On which day in history did Mahatma Gandhi embark on the famous Dandi March?

 Ans :- 12 March 1930 

Question 3 : The Rashtriya Ekta Diwas is observed every year in India on 31st October. It is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of which prominent personality in our nation’s history?

Ans :- Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Question 4 : Who has been appointed as the new coach of the Indian men’s football team?

Ans :- Igor Stimac

Question 5 : The __ recently launched the ‘Golden Card’ – a permanent residency permit similar to the Green Card in the USA?

Ans :- UAE

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 31 May 2019 – Win JBL Pulse 3 – Answers

Question 1 : Which of these countries was NOT a Soviet Republic in USSR?

Ans :- Czechoslovakia

Question 2 : In which year did India join the United Nations?

Ans :- 1945

Question 3 : Former top ranking pro-golfer Vijay Singh is from which country?

Ans :- Fiji

Question 4 : With which dance form would you associate the famous dancers Rukmini Devi Arundale and Yamini Krishnamurthy?

Ans :- Bharatnatyam

Question 5 : In cricket, what do you call a run taken when the ball passes the batsman without touching his bat or body?

Ans :- Bye

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 30 May 2019 – Win ₹25000 – Answers

Question 1 : In geometry, which figure gets its name from the Greek word for ‘table’?

Ans :- Trapezium

Question 2 : The name of which city comes from two words meaning ‘market for areca nut’ in the local language?

Ans :- Guwahati

Question 3 : If you were a cartographer, what would you be studying?

Ans :- Maps

Question 4 : Which of these big cat species is known to have a tuft or a bunch of hair at the end of their tail?

Ans :- Lions

Question 5 : In which city can you find the mausoleum of Mughal Empress Arjumand Banu Begum?

Ans :- Agra 

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 29 May 2019 – Win Samsung Galaxy M30 – Answers

Question 1 : One of the oldest sanctuaries in India is the Garampani Sanctuary. Which state is it located in?

Ans :- Assam

Question 2 : Which of these Raj Kapoor starrers was also released overseas as ‘The Vagabond’?

Ans :- Awara

Question 3 : M.K. Gandhi lived in a farm in South Africa named after a famous Russian novelist. Name the author.

Ans :- Leo Tolstoy

Question 4 : What is a fathometer used to measure?

Ans :- Ocean depth

Question 5 : Which of these elements is NOT named after a scientist?

Ans :- Ruthenium 

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 28 May 2019 – Win Ray-Ban Sunglasses – Answers

Question 1 : ‘Yakshagana’ is a traditional theatre form originating from which Indian state?

Ans :- Karnataka

Question 2 : Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words

Ans :- True

Question 3 : In which country is Mount Vesuvius located?

Ans :- Italy

Question 4 : Which of the following films has NOT been directed by Imtiaz Ali?

Ans :- Karwaan

Question 5 : What was the real name of Pope John Paul II?

Ans :- Karol Jofez Wojtyala

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 27 May 2019 – Win ₹5000 – Answers

Question 1 : Which of these antagonist characters was created by novelist J.K. Rowling?

Ans :- Lord Voldemort

Question 2 : Apart from Venus, which planet rotates from east to west?

Ans :- Uranus

Question 3 : In mathematics, the ‘lemniscate’ is a symbol for?

Ans :- Infinity

Question 4 : The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, aka Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have recently announced the birth of their son. What is the royal baby’s first name?

Ans :- Archie

Question 5 : What temperature is the same in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales?

Ans :- -40

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